Burns Night: A Scottish Celebration – Worldwide

Every year, without fail, my family celebrate Burns night. We’re not Scottish, we just like food and company and this seems as good an excuse as any. It’s no grand affair; we gather all our Scottish friends for authenticity’s sake and then we eat a lot of haggis, tatties and neeps, and have a wee […]

On Being Haunted by Victor Hugo

This story begins over 10 years ago when I was still at school. We had a series of big exams coming up that would decide the level of the classes we would be in for the next three years (Higher, Intermediate or Lower). Naturally, everyone was in a panic. There’s that concern that if you’re […]

An Unexpected Slice of America

My boyfriend and I have just spent a (surprisingly idyllic) week camping in the English countryside. Naturally, it being our first holiday together, we learnt a lot about each other – mostly that I can’t handle earwigs (eugh!) and he cannot read a map to save his life – but we also learnt that this […]

Crime and Punishment Review

Initial Thoughts: For a start, this is so easy to read, not at all what you’d expect in that regard. I also found the main character Raskolnikov easy to root for at first… (later not so much!) Best Bits: Dostoyevsky is the master of tension building. He really makes you feel all the fear and […]

Where all the ladders start

The pea soup I was served in my local pub was beautiful. Vivid green, creamy and fresh. Exactly what I wanted that summer afternoon. My enjoyment was complete, but did not stop me becoming distracted by a small wooden sign on the wall. “This pub was the scene of an inquest into a murder in […]