An Unexpected Slice of America

My boyfriend and I have just spent a (surprisingly idyllic) week camping in the English countryside. Naturally, it being our first holiday together, we learnt a lot about each other – mostly that I can’t handle earwigs (eugh!) and he cannot read a map to save his life – but we also learnt that this little island has a lot more to offer than you’d expect.

There we were, driving back to the tent after a busy day out, when we began to notice a few strange features  of the roads we were driving down. See?

StreetwithHydrantOK, so maybe that one isn’t too obvious. What about this one?

20130718_191524See it now?

Ok, so the eagle-eyed Brits among you may have worked it out, but for the rest of you I’ll help you out. Theses are not your average English streets for two reasons:

  1. See that stop sign in the first picture? Yep. Occasionally you’ll see those in the UK but, for a normal residential area we would have triangular ‘Give Way’ signs instead. Could be ignored, but not when combined with:
  2. That fire hydrant. Now, don’t ask me why, but we don’t have those in the UK. I suppose we have some kind of different drain lids or something instead but anyway; this is an American street. In Oxfordshire.

So. This is the thing. We investigated (ie. parked and started walking around) and it turns out that we’d stumbled into an abandoned American airbase. How cool is that!?

I believe it was operational between 1970 and 1994 (thinking Cold War era?) but anyway, I’ll stop talking now and just show you some of the pictures we took in what ended up being three hours of wandering around this empty town.

Baseball Bowling DayCare DollarPetrolPump Doorway Enclosure Flats FurnitureStore Hangers Hydrant MainHouse MilitarySpace PetrolStation SecretsActSign Sheds Stands StopSign Store StreetwithTower

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